Mile 1293 Delaware Water Gap, Pa to mile 1445 Pawling, New York

It was soft and still as I walked through a small border town in the cool morning air. One could almost hear the old colonial homes creak as you quietly  passed them by. It was if they were saying “welcome stranger”. The sun cast its beams of light in all directions, often catching a shimmer on a robin’s wing or sparkle on a dew covered flower. Rounding the towns Main Street my sense of smell heightened to the scent of crisp, clean line drying linens and freshly baked goods​. Yes…New Jersey and New York had already won my heart! This would just be the beginning of a grand love affair. One that would continue on for quite some time. The love would grow with every pastry and every bagel…

With every small town or big city deli with grinder sandwiches and tasty greasy pizza…With every ice cream sunset…With every gorgeous view…With every wild life encounter… With every meeting of a sweet and unforgettable local…With every crazy day spent with fellow hikers… And with every new experience…Thank you for all the love and support…I​ salute you New Jersey and New York…

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