Mile 1445 Pawling, NY to mile 1700.8 Rutland, VT

With the annoying beep of a watch alarm I rise. Immediately awake and somewhat anxious, I breathe in slowly and focus on the sound of moving water. The creek which is traveling along next to my tent is peaceful and comforting. Countless droplets joined together in a symphony of fluidity…it has just helped give me six hours of wonderful sleep, sleep that I need for the day to come. I pack up quickly, sounding much like a chipmunk riffling through its nest, I then scurry off and at 3:30 am I say…Good morning Connecticut!  I am at the start of a challenge brought to my attention by a fellow hiker over 1000 miles ago. One state, one day, 50 miles. It would so happen that we would end up being at the starting point at the same time many weeks later and for this, I am grateful. Grateful to the trail for bringing us all together, at all the perfect places and at all the seemingly tactical times. As strange as it may sound, the trail has its ways…magical, beautiful ways that often leave me feeling warm and sappy. Since the Connecticut challenge, which I I went on to finish, barely, left me in a blur for the past 2 weeks I have been ultra-sappy! So here’s to snappiness and all that it ensues including…

Happy delirium filled nights…Peaceful farm animal petting days…Crazy chicken chasing …​​Robotic grocery store-front horses…Cookie lady blueberry farms…Morning pancakes and coffee from the best host…Warm fireplaces…Cozy cabins with sweet company…Leaves that make you stop and smile…Driveways that lead to trails…Surprisingly fun state lines…Unexpected magic…Warm welcomes…And simple pleasures…Now, less delirious, well rested and still a bit sappy…I press on.

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