Mile 1022.5 Harper’s Ferry, VA to mile 1293.0 Delaware Water Gap, PA

 Once again, in Harpers Ferry, from earth to sidewalk, the trail turned. Tourist filled the old brick walkways and the town churned. It was at this moment, in this brief stretch that I began to lose track of time. Now when looking back, I smile, as I see it was sublime.

A path of history opened up in front of me… I crossed into Maryland before dark and from here, it truly felt like a walk in a park…

 I would sleep in the most unexpected place and then leave without a trace…State park and historic battle field trips helped the time, even more slip… 

At last…milestones passed…The trail seemed sometimes blocked by endless, endless rock…But it continued towards mushrooms and wild roses in bloom… And onto unforgettable places…Where I would find remarkable faces… Still lost in time, lots of pies and new state lines, I would go onto find…

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