Mile 566.5 Mojave to mile 744.5 Lone Pine

 After missing the first pass junction down to Lone Pine I found myself running down the next pass in hope of seeing some type of road. I knew it would be a 22 mile hitch into town…but where was the road? Was I finally lost? Mount Whitney towered above me as I descended into an open alpine meadow…still nothing in sight. Way in the distance I saw movement, it looked like day hikers! It was day hikers! I picked up my pace and ran after them! I finally caught up and asked “Is there pavement anywhere around here?” They laughed realizing I was a thru hiker and asked if I needed a ride! It was awesome! The road was quite desolate so I totally lucked out! On our way down to Lone Pine we pulled off to watch some hang gliders take off and soar away…sweet!

  It sure was nice finally getting into the Sierras! It had been over 600 miles of walking just to get out of Southern California so this was a long awaited arrival! I would miss the desert and all its beauty but I wouldn’t miss the waterless stretches and the delerious days of heat exhaustion!

   Sometimes water sources were only a trickle. It would take over a half hour to fill a liter and with lots of wildlife waiting in line I would feel guilty quickly and leave. And the “warning do not drink” oh you know I drank it! Ugh! But there were lots more lizards!

  And Jack rabbits…

 And snakes…

  And more mile markers…Mile 700

   Dirty socks…

Care packages…yes that’s a magazine! Mom?!

  Lots more heartache, crying and missing of that special someone…sigh!

   Meeting up with friends you never thought you’d see again helps! Yeay Riderdeih! Cc-caw!

  A smiling face of a best friend is always comforting…   And…town food, bath tubs and phone reception to call those you love and miss!!! That really helps the heart too!



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