Mile 266.5 Big Bear to mile 566.5 Mojave/Tehachapi

      With my heart pounding and sweat pouring down my face I scurried and clawed my way along a steep hill side of the trail. It was only a day ago that I was taking a zero day, laying in an air conditioned motel room, watching cable television and doing my best impersonation of a marshmallow! Sigh…now, as I fought to keep my balance while staring into the eyes of a pit viper, I fondly looked back on those moments! Little did I know that this would be a very common occurrence over the next 300 plus miles. I was well aware that Timber and Mojave Green Rattlesnakes would be out in full force through this segment but I wasn’t expecting to have cliff side stand-offs with them…over…and…over! Some later stand-offs were even more daunting, where I dare not try to take a photo. These stand-offs could last up to a half hour but usually, after long 25+ mile days, I would grow weary and upset over lost time. Eventually I would take my chances and try to squeeze by the beautiful, coiled, strike ready snakes.

 But to even things out I saw the most California Moutain King snakes ever in this segment of trail! And lots of other things that make this walk such a journey… I saw dozens of Horned lizards…   And lots of Scorpions! And Jeruselum Crickets!  Visited some old favorite spots along Deep Creek…

Hit Mile 300…        Found some trail magic, complete with ice cold water and Cadbury eggs!Passed the infamous trail side McDonalds which we fortunately skipped! We were instead picked by family and taken out for steak and shrimp! 

   We were inspired… And after being caught in a lightening and hail storm at 10,000 feet…we were uninspired!

 But not for long…

 We walked along Moutain tops and occasionally along roads…

   Hit Mile 400…

Helped celebrate a birthday from a far…

 Walked along 115 degree desert hillsides, hiked through the nights and took siesta…      



We hit Mile 500…yay!   And…best of all…we met AWESOME people who gave us shade, water, food, conversations that will last a life time, rides into towns and…Hawaiian shirts to wear while we did laundry…thanks Mama Anderson!

    And Jetta Blue!  


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