Back on the trail at mile 179.5

Just a quick post to say I’m back to hiking after over 10 days of resting my angry little foot. Rejoined the trail in Idyllwild, PCT mile 174. It was cool and crisp as I travelled up and up towards Mount San Jancinto.

 Within 10 miles I broke through the cloud cover to find crystal blue skies. Some snow and ice still lingered from the past nights storm, I thought how nice it would be to stop and ice my foot.

  Spent a very cold night up top where I could hear the distant sounds of trains passing through the valley 20 miles below. Chipped away at the miles of never ending downhill switch backs today and finally got level with those choo-choo sounds!

 Some amazing Trail Angels gave us oranges, olives, beers, conversation, puppy time with a super sweet dog named Penny and electricity! Foot still hurts some but have decided to press on towards Big Bear, PCT mile 266. The wind is howling tonight down on the desert floor; the giant wind mills spin strongly in the distance. Making camp only 3 miles from interstate 10 definitely has its perks…excellent cell phone service for posting blogs!

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