Mile 0 Campo to mile 42.5 Mount Laguna

The rain was just beginning to come down as we arrived at the U.S./Mexico border. After a really emotional goodbye I set out on the trail with Mike aka “The Juggernaut” It was 12pm and storming so we pressed on quickly throughout the day and into the darkness. We reached mile 20 at 10pm by headlamp and we…were…out. Day 2 I awoke to a strangeimagepain on the top of my foot but pressed on for 15 miles. Deep in the canyons, I awoke on day 3 to the same pain so I was urged to stop at mile 41.5 in the tiny town of Mount Laguna. What an amazingly hiker friendly community! Many thanks to the Pine House cafe, ya’ll are amazing! Killer food, $5 breakfast for hikers and kind folks! imageSince my foot was slowing me down I arrived at a crossroads here. Press on to the next small town of Warner springs, mile 109 and reevaluate or try to take a few rest days here at Mt. Laguna. I packed up my pack and decided to continue. imageRight as I was heading out Juggernaut called me from the diner where he had gone to get some yummy breakfast. He had met someone who was going home to rest an injury and was getting picked up within minutes. Out of anywhere in this world he was going to Redlands, Ca! imageThis is my saving town in Southern Ca where I have family and a place to rest an injury if need be. This great guy offered me a spot with his ride without even meeting me. So…I decided this was an opportunity I should take as it seemed like a definite “sign” from the universe. Within minutes I was in a car and within 3 hours I was surprising my mom at her front door! I’m really glad I took that opportunity as the swelling in my foot did not go down. I ended up visiting a clinic today where the Doc wanted an X-ray. So, I’m now anxiously awaiting the results. It will take up to 3 days! The guess was either a sprain of the top tendon area which I could continue on after resting up or a stress fracture which would end most of my plans of hiking on 😦 I am hoping for the first of the two as I am SO excited and eager to get back on the trail! imageAs I ice my foot I stare intensely at my pack which is looking back at me with puppy dog eyes. Sigh…well even though I’m on stand by for now, it’s great to know that people want my limping self around 🙂 Thanks for the sign!

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