Mile 469, Damascus, Va to mile 727.5, Daleville, Va

Catapillars rain from the sky, their silk strands cling to my body, their half eaten feast of leaves decorate the trail. It is now, in the humid heat, that I finally see, feel and hear how alive these southern forest are! Engulfed in the rustling and the crawling and the calling of millions upon millions of insects…I think to myself…”where exactly am I? How again did I get here?” I do not not have an  answer and I am learning to embrace that it is sometimes quite nice not to. This Appalachian trail is a trail like no other; it is truly a trail of journeys. Your fingers can caress the endless pages of a unique, personal  “choose your own adventure” book, should you allow it. For now…I will not just allow it but welcome it. Take me away trail…through the green, lushness of Virginia…And beyond to the rocks…To the chocolate cake…To the wild ponies of the highlands…To the old school houses of lowlands…To the cutest puppies…To the butterflies and to the turtles…To the trail crews and to the perch top views…

To The Captian’s…To the petals and to the rattles…To the fun, yet, unexpected times…To the new bags and the new kicks…To the on trail magic… And…to the off trail magic…

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