One day? One week? Three months?

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Hi! Here I am in the midst of spring, ready to attempt another thru-hike on another long distance trail…The Appalachian Trail! It has been nearly six months since I completed the Pacific Crest trail. Six months of planning, prepping, saving, strategizing, training, eating and enjoying followed by…more eating and enjoying! Six months of family, friends, beaches, toaster ovens, automobiles and motorcycles. Six months of hot green tea, warm nights in a cozy studio, designer donuts, boxing drills, day hikes and trail runs. Six months of random 2 hour conversations with strangers, towering shelves of paperback books, hip hop, posh diners, cute coffee shops and dive bars. I have breathed it all in and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Maybe even more than ever before because just knowing that it is all so temporary is such a gift in and of itself. Knowing this keeps my drive alive; it propels me forward; yearning to test my ability, my strength, my endurance and my will. So, let’s see what happens! Almost a year ago I had this to say…”Will I make it one day, one week or four months? I have no idea, but I’ll have to be happy with whatever I can achieve. I will strive to remind myself that it is all in the journey no matter how long or short! But here’s to giving it a shot.” Yea…I still feel the same way…cheers to three months.

2 thoughts on “One day? One week? Three months?

  1. Hey Pie, it’s James!!
    I had a great time talking with you on the plane!! I will be praying for you & all that God has in store for you in this next journey you are about to embark upon! If you ever find yourself in need of prayer, just send me a message & I will be all over that for you!! Blessings to You!!!


    1. Thank you so much James! I told my mom about you and she wanted me to say thank you as well, she was really happy that I met you, and I am too! Congrats again on being a grandparent! And big thanks to you for your kindness!!!


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