Mile 2390.5 Snowqualmie Pass to mile 2650 The U.S./Canada border…Part 2

 Four and a half months of foot steps on an ever changing and continuously connected path had brought me to a place where I found few words to describe. Sometimes, in my mind, the trail was so peaceful and sometimes it was so chaotic. Here I sat somewhere in between, unsure of how I felt and only half believing it was true…I was near the end of this trail. I was on a deck looking at a boat, the lone boat that visits Stehekin via a 4 hour ride from civilization. The only other way to access this small village was by float plane or by hiking in on the PCT. Had I really done the latter? I guess so as I don’t recall being on a boat or float plane. But really??!! I suppose this was the perfect place to be for many of us. As the last stop before Canada it offered a beautiful, serene place for reflection and contemplation. And did I mention the bakery?    Rest was had, new friendships were made and old friends were reunited. Personal records were broken…a dear friend walked 77 miles in 33 hours to be there for his best trail friend’s birthday! What a special place…   In the fresh morning air I left this place and reunited my feet with the trail. It felt right. The sky was still blue; my passage still granted. I walked on mostly alone so I could take in these last few miles and reflect. I was still unsure about how I felt. But the scenery picked me up and melted my cares away…  Oh those views… Those friendly faces…   Those dodgers fans, thanks slug…  Those last mile markers…    Those golden pines…     Those mountain tops… And oh that somewhat realization that a dream, a goal and a mission was about to be accomplished…

   And then I was there…    But I kept walking until I found who I was looking for. It got dark and so quiet. I worried and I cried. But through the silence of the dark path a head lamp shined my way and Jeferson Starship began to play…and there she was. Camp was made and a fire was enjoyed and the next cold morning I returned to the monument to celebrate…

 And to give thanks… 

 Thank you all for everything! Thank you for every last bit of support and motivation that everyone has given to me in so many different ways! Every word of encouragement and every word of wisdom. Thank you for every hug, every high five, every car ride, every meal, every snack, every glass of water, every shower, every load of laundry, every warm shelter, every beer, every phone call, every message, every bit of love and every smile! The most amazing thing about this entire 2,650 mile trek was truly seeing how absolutely amazing people are and how beautiful humanity can be!


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5 thoughts on “Mile 2390.5 Snowqualmie Pass to mile 2650 The U.S./Canada border…Part 2

  1. Hi Wuz ! These posts were GREAT ! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them ,both! I feel as if I was making that part of your journey with you… And, what spectacular scenery, all around. Am looking forward to your book ! Much love, Mom Sent from my iPhone



  2. Dear Pie, I enjoyed reading about your journey on the PCT. It was very fun and exciting to read. You should write a book about it, just like your mom was talking about. It would be most interesting to read. Great photos too. Congradulations for completing the entire journey.


  3. Stumbled across your blog, what an incredible journey!
    Thank you for sharing and I am glad you are home safe.
    Would you be willing to write about your re-entry to “civilization” after your completion of the pct?
    It’s funny where life takes us sometimes.
    Happy Trails!


    1. Thank you! Yes I’ve had a few post I’ve been meaning to add on re-entry to society…time has been flying by! I’m still getting used to life off trail but am also planning to hike the AT in March so I haven’t fully committed to “civilization” yet 😉 Thanks again for saying hello!


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