Mile 1195.5 Sierra City to mile 1500 Shasta

As the breeze blows across the ridge line birds call out, lizards scurry, insects buzz, chipmunks rustle and footsteps fall onto the rocky earth. Although I am surrounded by life and sound, the trail feels so quiet and still…I am alone and I am determined. Only 300 more miles and I get to see the most amazing person ever after 3 months. The miles seem to freeze as time stands still but before I know it the sun is setting and 30 miles have passed as though my body and mind had been put on autopilot. Yes! This 300 miles is flying by! I wake early in the mornings…

 And find rivers…

And springs…  I reach the ”Half Way” point where fellow hiker Kett demonstrates how accomplished a lot of us feel…

I hike on into the nights… Sign registers…thanks for the water!!!

   With the company of awesome people…  There are night time newts…And brisk mornings with cold water to jump in…    Signs!      Some on the trail and off the trail magic…thanks for the best home made ginger cookies ever!!! From a San Diego trail angel on his way to Alaska 😀 Best nectarine ever…  I think that beer and whiskey from another hiker qualify as trail magic! Thanks guys!  Ginger Ale and apples!!!The wild bird cache was beyond amazing…thank you!

  Again…more amazing people who really make the trail so awesome!    

 It all goes by so quickly and then…I was here…with an embrace came the tears and the smiles…  


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2 thoughts on “Mile 1195.5 Sierra City to mile 1500 Shasta

  1. Really enjoyed meeting you today up on Mt. Ashland. Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible journey. 🙂

    Mick Mc Bride


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